Our Company

Innovative Care Advocates is the leading resource provider to find innovative ways to age in place. “It was the late 2000’s and my own grandmother was aging to the point of needing some help, she was 95. Then my grandfather’s heart was failing fast and even though we had a large family, no one really had the time to spend with them, assisting them with even the most basic of tasks. Even though I was working in the corporate world at that time, and had my own family, I knew that these people who started the legacy of our family needed more than just a nurse or a helper, they needed to be heard, loved and cared for with my full heart. Taking care of my grandparents brought so much reward to my own heart through this opportunity to care-give that I began to question the kind of work I was doing in my own life. Having the opportunity to truly give back to a generation of elders who have authentically supported our own personal growth, showed up as a blessing in disguise. The appreciation I received from my first experience re-shaped my own life and purpose and led me to meet my partner Doug who had a similar story.” – Kimberly Detwiler, Partner
Together we chartered a vision of Advocacy for care giving that goes beyond just assisting seniors in their homes. We created a 4 pronged approach that could support all levels in assisting seniors during these more challenging years of their life, which include:

Outstanding Care Giving

Smart and Innovative Financial Options to pay for the care Care Management provides custom options for families who require flexibility in their care, combining alternative types of care givers Senior Co-Ops that place seniors in residences At Innovative Care Advocates, it is our mission to sustain Old Fashion Values in our innovative care to those we serve ensuring a loving and positive approach for all of our clients.

What are our Old Fashion Values?

  • Accountability
  • Outstanding Service
  • Compassion
  • Celebrating and honoring our clients
  • Attention to detail
  • Respecting idiosyncrasies
  • Understanding sensitivities
We promise to provide excellent care at an affordable price, utilizing all our financial and management solutions for all those we serve. If you have a family member who is needing care, then choosing the perfect match for your family member with a price you can afford is crucial to creating a win/win for everyone involved. Innovative Care Advocates has evolved from a flat hourly rate (industry standard) to a turn-key solution for seniors and their families. We understand these decisions can be emotionally challenging and it is our sincere goal to reduce any stress or confusion during this intense inquiry for the best possible solution. We are completely devoted to professional competence and on-going training for ourselves and our staff in order to provide the most professional and outstanding performance in in-home care.
Innovative Care Advocates are the team you can turn to when the pieces of the puzzle just don’t fit. We invite you to explore how we show up and put our teamwork to the test to find you the best possible solutions. We know you will be glad you did! Innovative Care Advocates is licensed by the State of California for Home Care by the Home Care Services Bureau 2016. Our number is CA HCL #444700010